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AndroidScreencast was developed to view and control your android device from a PC.

This project gives the opportunity to use your phone even with a broken screen.

The main screen:

AndroidScreencast - Main screen

Commands execution screen:

AndroidScreencast - Execute command

Video recorded by the app available here.


Small wiki of project


Application is available using Java web start technology via androidscreencast.jnlp.

Java security configuration

Due to Java security restriction policy, that was updated in java 7 and is restricted even more in java 8, we’re now not able to run JNLP without some security “hacks”.

To use JNLP, please follow this article: How can I configure the Exception Site List?


Currently, AndroidScreencast works directly with adb input program through ddmlib and uses functionality of:

Regarding this point, to use AndroidScreencast you need Smartphone running on Android with specific input program version. adb input tap and adb input swipe were introduced in Android 4.1.1.

So, right now AndroidScreencast support all Android versions equal or greater than Android 4.1.1.

Also, to run AndroidScreencast you will need adb installed (or you can use bundled in OS bundles adb).

More info

Please refer to the project’s GitHub page for more detailed overview and specific instructions.